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Blue Bottle


Bluebottleroast is a channel where you can find the easiest life hacks on telegram! it can be a very simple but the quality of the videos is what it makes it magical. Learn How to make Ice-cream, Cases for your phone, Clean the Garden and Learn from other experiments. Pros It gets you motivated It


Diferent Art

Different Art Telegram Channel  is about the movement of the human body . Each culture can have a different type of art that responds to its traditions. in this Channel you can share with others your drawings and receive a feed back from a community of artist. Pros only pictures Cons don’t provide enough information

Anime / Anime Arts : Yume Images


The Telegram Channel you can watch  the most beautiful anime drawings made by fans! The content is updated on a daily base and you can submit your own drawings to the channel by sending a massage to the administrator. Pros has a large variety of updates and pictures you can use for wallpapers Cons Channel

Johnny’s World Of Art


Johnny’s World of art is a telegram channel made for users to understand art and take part of it. find news and updates about this world in this channel Pros Small group Cons short on updates Review Overview Art Pictures quality variety Update rate SUMMARY Johnny’s World of art is a telegram channel made for



If you’re looking for memes that will describe those sad moments in life, this group has much to offer. Deep in the sad philosophical memes of Sickosadism telegram group. Pros Has only memes Has philosophical for some people Cons No written content Low update rate Review Overview Update rate Media quality Meme quality Topics Group