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Blue Bottle


Bluebottleroast is a channel where you can find the easiest life hacks on telegram! it can be a very simple but the quality of the videos is what it makes it magical. Learn How to make Ice-cream, Cases for your phone, Clean the Garden and Learn from other experiments. Pros It gets you motivated It


telegram virtual studio stuff

If you want to learn the real magic that happens in the studio while composing and recording stuff, then you are at perfect place. In this telegram group, you’ll have a great opportunity to learn the basic and intermediate level fundamentals of creating magic on software-based in-house studio system. There arise a question, how come

Coronavirus Updates

corona virus outbreak updates

During recent past, the world has seen a massive outbreak of coronavirus. Coronavirus is so dangerous that it can lead to death and so far, it has caused many deaths including many countries other than China. The worst and intimidating part of Coronavirus is that it is highly contagious that makes the transmission so easy

Bollywood Movies Hub

telegram bollywood movies hub

Bollywood is a big movie industry. Bollywood is better known for the colorful costumes and dress rich with South Asian culture and glamour. If you are looking for somewhere that hosts Bollywood content with good quality, then you must check this telegram channel. This channel will satisfy your craving for Bollywood content. You’ll be able

Crypto Groups

this telegram channel will introduce you to many other crypto channels.

You’ll find massive number of crypto groups and channels on telegram but how to figure out which group is best of not. There are many channels on telegram but most of them doesn’t produce inspiring and good content. Particularly this group contains the most frequent, fresh and up to dated postings and content to serve

Books Mania

bookmania grammar guide collection

The channel we are going to present you has an extremely rich content. It contains a diverse range of books from super selling writer books and various test preparation books like IELTS and other such exams that are considered as benchmark of linguistic evaluation. This telegram channel is going to contribute a lot in your

Books | Top, Summary, Self-Help

have best crafted summaries

This telegram channel has relatively a very big audience. This telegram group emphasizes on book summaries. In today’s modern life it is very difficult to have time for book reading as we have calculated time and we have a lot of things to do. On the other hand, book reading is so vital to keep


book thief has a good audiobook collection

Ladies and gentlemen book reading is so vital for our brain processing and overall grooming. During our interviews in well-reputed firms, the main thing that matters is the brain processing, if you have good knowledge your brain processing will be good, and you’ll be able to give good answers. To enhance knowledge and brain processing

کتاب صوتی / Audiobook

audiobooks in persian

This Persian audiobook collection on telegram covers a massive range of books on different subjects. Let it be philosophy, art, literary criticism or music, you are going to get audiobooks on all the topics. This group intends to provide books on possible topics to provide best value to those having joined this channel. Join this

Harry Potter Audio Books

harry potter's audiobooks stuff

Harry Potter, what an amazing masterpiece by Mam J.K Rowling. Over 400+ million copies of harry potter have been sold all over the world and this stat speaks for itself about the quality and awesomeness of the content of Harry Potter. Later it was proven to be a one of the best movie series created

Books Archive

audio books archive

There is a great old saying that states, the more we know the more we grow. Book reading is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge and level of knowledge regarding any matter. Let it be poetry, history, biology or sociology-oriented book, reading can contribute a lot to enhance your learning and current