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Verbalize is a channel to practice your English and interact with different users around the glove, make friends and learn English all along together with verbalize. Pros small chat you can actually read the conversations Managed by a teacher Informative Articles Cons The amount of Spanish in the channel is overwhelming Review Overview Pictures quality

WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment


WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment Telegram Channel is a Fan Club where you can get access easily. Most of the content are reviews of players and dates of matches where you can watch live streams. Pros WWE updated content Entertainment Large Display of  WWE Players Cons third party ads Review Overview WWE Updates Pictures quality

Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool telegram group

Joining this channel you’ll find all the latest and related news regarding Liverpool. You’ll be able to find all the latest news about the press conferences. Since this telegram channel posts all fresh and new from Liverpool so you won’t miss anything useful from Liverpool and Liverpool news that is definitely not to be missed.


anime manga otaku

This Channel is for everyone!, you want to be entertained with the most updated animes we got your back. Enjoy the biggest network on telegram channel videos. don’t forget to share with your friends. Pros updated safe for work subtitles Cons difficult search Review Overview English Update rate Media quality images SUMMARY This Channel is

Anime Discussions

anime discussions

Pros Do not use profanity (swear words/curse words). Do not advertise without admins permission. Do not flood the group (No spamming). Gore, Porn, Hentai or any sort of NSFW is strictly prohibited. Do not put up explicit Cons Latest spoilers. Manga spoilers (not everyone reads manga). Meme/media (if it contains plot revealing contents). Review Overview



Pros No ads No Spam Cons No links Poor media quality Review Overview Admin rules Media items Meme quality SUMMARY Welcome Fam!❤️! Discover Latest Music, Movies & Celebrity News Worldwide #Trends Daily 24/7.💯🔥 🔍Request Your Favorite Music, Movies & TV shows Instantly😋 🖤 CHATROOM♂️♀️ 🚫No̶ L̶i̶n̶k̶s̶ 🚫No̶ A̶d̶s̶ 🚫No̶ P̶o̶r̶n̶ 🛡️Creator: @kukukrayzy 2.3

Anime Kaizoku – Kazoku

anime kaizokuen codes

Also see @AnimeKayoo @GamingKaizoku @WeirdKaizoku @ConfessionsKaizoku Discord: Kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru @animekaizoku Pros Over 740 videos Over 15000 photos Large media sources Unique Anime collections Cons Some pros and many amateurs Group too big Over 1300 voice messages Review Overview Media files Member amout Media quality SUMMARY Also see @AnimeKayoo @GamingKaizoku @WeirdKaizoku


Talking zone

Pros respect all members Spam free group Cons Very little action in group No actual focus topic Review Overview Spam Member friendliness Topics SUMMARY ✅text in english. ❌don’t share any pornography contents in this group such as photos,videos,spam,adds. ✅ always try to be active in group because if you join this group that means you

Flat Earth


Pros Small group doesn’t annoy much Seems to be manages by authentic flat ertheres Cons Non mentally stable members May cause you to question everything Lose trust in science Review Overview Low Group notifications Scientific background Common sense SUMMARY Warning , after you enter this channel you will not believe earth is round anymore. Eddie