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Indian Friends ChatRoom

Indian chat Instagram

Pros No politics No religious talks Helps to make friends SFW Cons Mixed Hindi and English Admin too tough Review Overview Communication Languages Topic authority SUMMARY ✅ Please Chat Only In Hindi or English. ✅ Make Friends, Respect all and Enjoy. ❌ Do not post any inappropriate content🔞 ⚠️ Please Don’t Discuss about Political or

Dx5 L&C Instagram


Pros 📍NO TALKING in this chat. 📍NO SKIPPING other users. You will get warns for missed engagement 📍Don’t delete your own links! If you make a mistake, edit your message. 📍NO ADVERTISING in this chat. This includes profile links, links to other sites, etc Cons 📎 Members who are caught not respecting the rules will

Anime Chat [EN]

Anime english

Pros Only English Low spam Epilepsy friendly gifs Cons Over 30k Media files, most of them are redundant Admin un-responsive     Review Overview Media quality Media size Meme quality SUMMARY 1. No NSFW (Explicit, Mature, 18+) content in the Anime Group 2. No shit posting, flooding or spamming (stickers, gifs, pics, bot commands, (10