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Mr. Trump

donald trump sticker collection

Let’s talk about the most interesting man in the world, any guesses? Donald Trump! Wow, your guess is perfect. Donald Trump is the 45th President of United States of America, he is loved and hated by many people at a same time but one thing we must admire regarding Trump’s personality and that’s his straightforwardness.

Arabic Emoticons

Arabic emoticons sticker collection

Arab guys are so sweet because of their unique and beautiful accent, they use to pronounce words so uniquely after unique Arabs accent here you have unique, beautiful and hilarious most Arab emoticon stickers for Telegram that will make you laugh so hard for sure, you don’t believe men? Then go and check these hilarious

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad collection

Ex Irani president's stickers

Here you have a complete collection of Ex Iranian president Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad who is well known for his strict statements. The more strict you are the more funny situations and memes you’ll face because people find it funny to tease a serious-minded guy, same is the case here in the chat sticker pack dedicated


melody sticker set for telegram

If you are looking for a mixture and variety of chat stickers, then this miscellaneous melody chat sticker pack is the best choice for you. This comprehensive chat sticker pack contains a lot of things including from compound emojis to the portrait of Putin. You’ll have Persian text stickers in very sharp colors that will

Sigmund Freud

telegram chat sticker collection of sigmund freud

These Sigmund Freud telegram stickers will make you laugh so hard because of the way they are made by a creative telegram user. Firstly, we need to have a brief overview of Sigmund Freud. He is an Austrian neurologist and the father and founder of psychoanalysis which is basically a clinical method to treat psychopathology

Naughty Nun

blonde naughty nun telegram sticker pack

Hello, beautiful people, we are going to present you an amazingly funny and hot chat sticker pack featuring the blond Naughty Nun and you’ll see her in various moods with beautiful lipstick and beautiful costumes. This chat sticker pack is so nicely designed that it will make you laugh for sure. To add this chat

The Last of US PSN stickers by NigeuS

Last of us game telegram chat sticker pack

Here is the chat sticker pack of an award-winning game among 200 games which is certainly a great deal. After playing a lot of first-person shooting games people have changed their preferences such as playing other games like mystery and survival etc. Last of the US is one of the best survival games available. You

Dragon Ball Super – Official Pack

Telegram chat sticker pack of Dragon Ball Super

Hello dragon ball fans, how about adding Goku chat stickers to your telegram chat? Woah it sounds great then what are you all waiting for? Dragon ball is one of the popular most Japanese anime which was created back in 1984 and became favorite anime across the world. Kids were so fantasized by the Dragon

Marvy (Marvels) stickers

Marvel telegram chat stickers

Use the beautiful Marvel characters telegram chat stickers to express your mood while Telegram chat. The best part is that we can share the sticker packs with your friends as well. This sticker pack features all the hot favorite Avengers characters including the Black widow, Captain America, Spiderman, Loki, Thor Odinson, Doctor Strange, Hulk and