Italian language telegram group presenting moto racing and football streaming.
Open for: Worldwide
Number of members: 40k - 100k
Main Language: English (US)

Have just enjoyed the watching the sports channel link posted to this channel. It’s an amazing Italian language channel that provides you with an amazing content you’ll love to watch. If you have an ultimate love for football and other games like Formula 1 – F1 racing, then you are at perfectly right place. Join this channel scroll through the posts find the channel links, choose channel of your choice and enjoy. No complications, so simple process to join the group and enjoy high definition live streaming. Oh, wait how did I forget about Moto GP, either if you are football, F1 or Moto GP fan then congrats you have ended up at right place.


A complete sports oriented content.


Not in English but Italian, so not everyone can understand.

Review Overview
High Definition
Audience strength
Fun factor

I have just enjoyed Moto GP blistering fast racing and WWE by following the link posted in this telegram channel post. I loved them and had an amazing time, there were no unnecessary bothering redirects. Tap the link and you end up at watching the legit stuff you wanted to see. That’s very simple to join the group just follow the link join the channel and have fun. This channel isn’t just limited to Moto sports and football etc. You’ll find diverse content here.

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