Fortnite Italy

An Italian Fortnite community on Telegram.
Open for: Worldwide
Number of members: Less then 100
Main Language: English (US)

Hello Italian fans, I hope you’ll be having an amazing time. Presenting you an amazing telegram channel featuring one of the viral most multiplayer game. Fortnite is compatible with various playing platforms like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo switch. The most known and the easiest most is your smartphone via operating either Android or IOS. This group is dedicated by Italian fans so here is good news that Italian Fortnite lovers can have an amazing time in this group. This group will provide all the latest news and updates related to the game. You can also join the Instagram page of this channel.


Based on a popular game.


Only in Italian.

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This channel exhibits a great warmth of Italian Fortnite enthusiasm. This telegram channel intends to provide you with a great telegram-oriented content including latest news posting and other enthusiastic stuff. You’ll see enthusiastic stuff in this channel including good graphics and good small videos that certainly won’t let you get bored. All you must do is to tap join channel button and you are good to go to rock great time. The best part to join this channel is that you’ll be able to share digital neighborhood with your fellow Fortnite fans.

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