Telegram community for Call of the Duty mobile.
Open for: Worldwide
Number of members: 2000 - 4999
Main Language: English (US)

In present online multiplayer gaming scenario COD players were anxiously waiting for something exactly like COD multiplayer for mobile offered. COD have made a nice game as they always use to produce. This telegram channel solely features one of the best multiplayer FPS game right now. Well, it could be debatable that either COD has the crown of PUBG, but debates show that COD produces a great game graphics but PUBG contains more element of entertainment. In this channel, you are going to see an amazing COD mobile content that won’t let you get bored.


Based on an amazing and popular game.


PUBG community has no relevance with this game.

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You’ll love to see the enthusiastic content being hosted through this amazing telegram channel. The knowledgeable enthusiastic audience exerts a lot of efforts to produce best of the best content to provide best of the value to its fans and members. You can be a part of this digital neighborhood by following a real simple procedure. The link of channel is attached in this post, all you must do is to tap the channel link and tab join, you are good to go to see a great content.

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