This telegram channel contains hardcore stuff, the CSGO,
Open for: Worldwide
Number of members: 10k-20k
Main Language: English (US)

Counter strike has its own fan base which is not willing to change its gaming platform unless whatever happens. Whenever you play or see counterstrike, you notice its screen refresh rate to be so high that makes it look smooth. While you are playing COD you receive burst of bullets on anywhere on body you lost your life in the game. But if we talk about counterstrike, you’ll only be dead if you are hit by a great precision. That makes Counter strike an amazing game and the reason of having a separate loyal fan base that doesn’t tend to any other game.


CSGO has a firm fan base.


Other than English language, might be hard to understand descriptions with translation assistance.

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Welcome to the amazing CSGO group that features amazing and hardcore neck to neck matches. Stay updated to the world of extreme stuff of CSGO. This place really belongs to you if you are a die-hard fan of CSGO. Join the group show your skills get into the team show your mettle, reflect your skills and take your due respect and reputation. A best telegram channel to be up to dated regarding the present going things in the world of CSGO.

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