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In this Channel you can see content about nature and you can use wallpapers in HD quality from the channel, this channel tries to warn its users about the climate change about animals in danger of extinction and vegetation

Natural Plants Channel information

The Kingdom of Plants, with more than 300,000 different types populating the planet, are photosynthetic multi cellular Eukaryotas adapted to terrestrial life. About 700 million years ago, the ancestors of current plants evolved in the seas of that time. Then they went on in their long process of evolution to populate the earth. These plants were very different from the plants you know today, many of them had no roots, no leaves, no branches. Since then, the plants have acquired the great variety of forms and the species that we know today and populate the planet were developed.

Natural Animals

The Animal Kingdom or Animal is divided according to the characteristics of its members, beginning with the sub-regions. These divisions in which the Animal Kingdom is classified continue until they reach each of the species that compose it.

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