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Welcome to the French language assisting telegram channel, this channel will help to learn and write French and further polish your French language skills.
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Number of members: 100 - 999
Main Language: English (US)

What to expect in this telegram channel related to French Language?

English is a widely spoken language in the world as it is treated as an international language. If English is an international and widely spoken language then it doesn’t mean that we should forget our own languages and prefer English over our mother tongue. We need to make a proper balance for these languages because certainly English do have a great importance and so have our national languages or mother tongue. This telegram channel is solely dedicated to French language learning including writing and speaking. This telegram channel will contribute a lot to let you polish your French language skills, let it be written or spoken. The video sessions will help you a lot to understand the core concept of the lecture. Learn French and have fun.

Telegram Support for “Speak French”

Apart from learning French from this telegram channel, in case you need extra assistance you can contact the administrator of this group, you’ll be helped nicely. @learningcreators
In case of any sort of technical assistance here you can find support and assistance following this link: https://telegram.org/support

    • Fast response
  • no one speaks french yet asides from the teacher.
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This telegram channel Speak French is a well managed French language learning channel. This channel is managed by Administrators and bots to give you the best experience to learn and to not have any kind of technical issue as the support link is also provided in the description. In case of any query you can seek to support link where a sincere effort will be made to rectify your queries. The best part is the video content to provide best help to understand the core concepts as French is a rich languages and requires good attention. Join this channel and have fun learning


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