Stay fit Stickers

Stay Fit Telegram stickers, pretty Kelly a fitness model animation sticker
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Number of members: 2000 - 4999
Main Language: English (US)

“Stay Fit” Telegram stickers,

Sticker of a pretty fitness guru called Kelly, she is an animated  fitness model that poses in a verity of postures from the fitness and health world.

Some of the stickers are:

Workout motivation, laughing, lifting weights and drinking wine, squatting, planking, thinking, drinking whey protein, In love, boxing, Yoga posting, meditating, flexing, reading a book while laying down, board, wiping of sweat, angry face, eating cake and more.

Aim of these stickers is to motivate young and not so young girls that are interested to start getting in shape and need some icons or role models.



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