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The Telegram Channel you can watch  the most beautiful anime drawings made by fans! The content is updated on a daily base and you can submit your own drawings to the channel by sending a massage to the administrator. Pros has a large variety of updates and pictures you can use for wallpapers Cons Channel

Anime music

Anime music

Listen to your favorite Anime music right here on this group. It could be an opening of your favorite show or maybe it could be a new exciting way to discover new shows that you can watch with your friends. Слушайте свою любимую музыку аниме прямо здесь, в этой группе. Это может быть открытие вашего


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This Channel is for everyone!, you want to be entertained with the most updated animes we got your back. Enjoy the biggest network on telegram channel videos. don’t forget to share with your friends. Pros updated safe for work subtitles Cons difficult search Review Overview English Update rate Media quality images SUMMARY This Channel is

Anime Discussions

anime discussions

Pros Do not use profanity (swear words/curse words). Do not advertise without admins permission. Do not flood the group (No spamming). Gore, Porn, Hentai or any sort of NSFW is strictly prohibited. Do not put up explicit Cons Latest spoilers. Manga spoilers (not everyone reads manga). Meme/media (if it contains plot revealing contents). Review Overview

Anime Kaizoku – Kazoku

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Also see @AnimeKayoo @GamingKaizoku @WeirdKaizoku @ConfessionsKaizoku Discord: https://discord.gg/Ng8Q4bB Kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru @animekaizoku Pros Over 740 videos Over 15000 photos Large media sources Unique Anime collections Cons Some pros and many amateurs Group too big Over 1300 voice messages Review Overview Media files Member amout Media quality SUMMARY Also see @AnimeKayoo @GamingKaizoku @WeirdKaizoku

Anime Chat [EN]

Anime english

Pros Only English Low spam Epilepsy friendly gifs Cons Over 30k Media files, most of them are redundant Admin un-responsive     Review Overview Media quality Media size Meme quality SUMMARY 1. No NSFW (Explicit, Mature, 18+) content in the Anime Group 2. No shit posting, flooding or spamming (stickers, gifs, pics, bot commands, (10